treatment costs

Based on our experience, we are pleased to provide a range that will be relevant for the majority of patients...


What is my teeth straightening likely to cost?

When you visit us for your full Clinical Smile Assessment, scans and x-rays are taken and a full examination is carried out that help us understand what condition or combination of conditions you currently have and how these need to be addressed.

Sometimes, this will identify further “pre-treatment” work that is necessary before your teeth straightening can commence (this might be simply Hygiene treatment or possibly restorative work such as a filling).  The complexity of your teeth straightening dictates what options we can treat, how we will do this and over what period of time.

We will explain this and any other pre-treatment costs involved and confirm this in a Treatment Plan for you to consider. We may also be able to offer finance to help spread the cost of your new smile, please ask for details and a quotation.


We appreciate that the cost of treatment is an important consideration. This is completely dependent on the type of treatment you have. Different types of braces are more expensive and some patients will need longer treatment than others.

However, as a guide, you could expect to pay anywhere between £5,000 and £8,000 for private orthodontic treatment that uses braces.


All costs can be confirmed in a formal Treatment Plan after your Clinical Smile Assessment. However, we appreciate that before you book this, you may want a guide to the typical costs of Invisalign treatment.

Based on our experience, costs between £3,500 and £6,000 is a range that will be relevant for the majority of patients.